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Amber Caling named among 2024 Unsung Heroes by NC Lawyers Weekly

Amber Caling began her career at 19 in a family law office and says it changed her life. “I loved the face pace and excitement each day brought” she says. “There was always something new to learn and do each day”. As a bonus, Caling discovered her career fed her love for helping others, especially during a difficult time in their lives. Caling wears many hats and supports two attorneys at the Parker Bryan family law firm, Brent Tanner & Kaitlin Kober.

Amber is known as a knowledgable source of information and for her skills in drafting documents and strategic planning cases. She is popular with clients, too. “I believe I evolved so much working with Brent and Kaitlin,” she says. “I have never been treated as just their paralegal; instead, they have treated me like family, and I believe we are a great team.” Congrats again to Amber for this well deserved award.

Paralegal Amber Caling named among 2024 Unsung Heros in NC Lawyers Weekly.