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About Us

Family Law is complex. We do it well. We handle all kinds of family law matters. Divorce; Property Division; Spousal Support; Child Custody; Child Support; Domestic Violence; Pre-Marital, Post-Marital or Separation Agreements. Within each issue is a cobweb of unique law, facts and interpersonal dynamics. We issue-spot each individual situation and strategize to find the best outcome for you and your family.

We handle thorny financial issues. There may be a business, partnership or family-owned company. There may be separate property or inherited property you wish to protect. There may be real estate. There may be debt. There could be a patent or a license. You may be a military spouse or married to one. There may be children. There may be a child with special needs. There may be complicated family dynamics impacting parenting decisions and custody schedules. There may be a parent wanting or threatening to relocate. There may be third parties involved with a spouse. There may be anger or resentment. There may be settlement terms that you have already worked out with your spouse, or terms we can help you propose. We handle all of it.

You may want to separate from your spouse and you don’t know where to start. What do you say? How do you say it? Or maybe your spouse has just gobsmacked you with the news. We’ve got you covered.

You are a part of a family unit no matter how large or small that unit. We know that you will look to us for guidance, wisdom, advice, and direction, and we will offer it with empathy and determination to find the best outcome for you. We bring a combination of skill, experience, expertise, intuition, education, dedication, and commitment to understanding your needs in negotiation or litigation. No matter the situation, you will be prepared and ready.

Military Divorce? We have you covered. We are known statewide and nationally as experts in family law matters related to military divorce issues, military pension division orders, federal pension divisions, court orders acceptable for processing, and former spouse survivor benefit rights.

Mediation or Litigation? We have you covered either way. Our team can help you mediate your differences by serving as your advocate. Members of our team are also trained and certified to conduct mediations by serving as a Mediator. Mediation works. It is a valuable tool. Spouses who mediate successfully are more likely to be satisfied with the process and the results than spouses who litigate. Why? Because spouses who successfully mediate have been in control of the outcome and have made choices about compromise. If you are a client, we can be your zealous advocate and advisor in Mediation. If you need a quality neutral to be your Mediator, we have skilled, talented lawyers who can serve.

The flagship office of Parker Bryan Family Law is located in downtown Raleigh in the office space it has occupied since 1982. The firm is growing and expanding into eastern and central North Carolina offering representation in Wake County, Durham County, Orange County, Cumberland County, Chatham County, Moore County, Johnston County, Lee County, Pitt County, Harnett County, Robeson County, Hoke County, Sampson County, Randolph County, Forsyth County, Onslow County, Craven County, Beaufort County, Franklin County, Granville County, Alamance County, Wayne County, Carteret County, Nash County, Pender County, Currituck County, Transylvania County, and more. We have law offices in Holly Springs, Fayetteville, Carthage, and Morehead City. Our lawyers, combined, have over 100 years of experience and have real-life litigation experience in over one-third of North Carolina’s counties.

Family law issues should not be resolved by a generalized form found online by some faceless group selling a product. Family law isn’t a one-size fits all. It’s unique and personal. You deserve to have specialized attention from lawyers like us who are focused on the specific, particular needs you have as you go through all phases of your separation and divorce.

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