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Is my Divorce on hold due to COVID-19?

On March 13, 2020, the North Carolina Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Cheri Beasley, directed local courts to postpone most cases in district and superior court for at least 30 days. With these directives issued, many law firms, including Parker Bryan Family Law, began to take steps to protect the health and safety of their employees and clients. For example, physical access to Parker Bryan Family Law’s Raleigh, Holly Springs and Fayetteville offices is currently limited to employees only and on a limited basis. Our team continues to work from home via phone, email or videoconference. With physical access to offices and attorneys limited, many clients may be concerned that their case is unable to move forward during this time. Although we currently need to avoid meeting in person, this does not mean your case is on hold! There are many options for keeping your case moving forward during this time. In fact, your attorney will likely encourage you to continue taking the steps necessary to prepare your case for mediation or litigation. For example, written discovery requests such as Requests for Production of Documents, Interrogatories and Requests for Admission can still be sent to your spouse’s attorney. Even depositions, typically conducted in a conference room with both spouses and their attorneys present with a court reporter, can be conducted virtually during this time. In fact, with the proper technology, virtual depositions can make life easier for you and keep the cost of your case down by eliminating travel for the court reporter, witnesses and attorneys. Parker Bryan Family Law attorneys have already conducted virtual depositions and mediations during this 30-day period. We are prepared and well-equipped to keep your case moving forward during this time. While the COVID-19 pandemic may place some aspects of our daily lives on hold, the progression of your family law case is not one of them.